Text Express 2

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Climb aboard the Text Express for an all-new adventure that’s full of word game fun! Form words from chunks of coal to keep your train on track and at the station on time. Travel from city to city and expand your railroad empire in Adventure mode, or put your lexical skills to the test with eight different word games in Classic mode. Your ticket to brain-bending fun is on board the Text Express. All aboard!

My Contribution:
In “Text Express 2” I spend a large amount of my time balancing the game while the game rules kept changing and changing. For example: a new dictionary was added to the game four weeks before the game’s release.

During the development of “Text Express 2” I got the opportunity to get a little bit more involved with the design and worked closely with the designer on elements like the point system, the map-screen, trophies & game-modes.  

5 stars
Game Design:
2 stars
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