Safari Island

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Explore an island teeming with puzzling fun in this unique new challenge that puts a whole new twist on mahjongg-style gaming. Combine game pieces to complete images featuring classic safari gear, tropical treats, and exotic animal friends from all over the world. Reveal fascinating facts about the animal kingdom and earn trophies to mark your success. Featuring three game modes, 60 brain-twisting levels, and gorgeous full-screen graphics, Safari Island is an expedition the whole family will take again and again.

My Contribution:
The second project I worked on at Zylom. I spend a lot of time with the programmers trying to develop the best tool to edit the levels of this game. I also created all 60 levels for the game and was involved with the design of bonuses & power-ups 

Level Design:
5 stars
Tool Design:
4 stars
Game Design:
1 star
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