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Sebastiaan Robbert van Waardenberg

Previnairestraat 48
2013 BX Haarlem

023 – 5313160
06 – 38261974



Dutch (Netherlands)

2002-2008 Utrecht School of the Arts
Bachelor of Arts in “Game Design & Development”

1995-2000 Sancta Maria Lyceum

Work Experience:

October 2009-Now:
Lead Game Designer at GameHouse. During my time as a lead game designer at GameHouse, I’ve worked on titles  like “Delicious: Emily’s Holiday Season” & “Delicious: Emily’s Taste of Fame”. Both of these titles are reviewed as being the top games in their genre. And both were in the top 5 bestselling titles of that year. “Heart’s Medicine –Season One” is my latest game and it is the best selling casual title of this year. Currently I’m working on a very ambitious title, which will yet again raise the bar for click-management games all over the world. Furthermore as a lead game designer I’ve also been partly responsible for the organizational side of a game studio.

October 2008-September 2009:
Game Designer at GameHouse. As a game designer at GameHouse I was responsible for my projects and pitched/designed full games. I’ve had the chance to work with different teams and lead & guide them through the creation of these games. I’ve been involved with the marketing and release of those games and worked with off-site teams. During this time I started work on “Delicious: Emily’s Taste of Fame”, but also pitched “Charlie & Booboo”.

 January 2007-September 2008:
Level Designer at Zylom. I literally created thousands of levels during my time as level designer at zylom. I was responsible for balancing the games, but also responsible for the design of the editing tools. You work very hard on the game arc and flow as a level-designer.

Summer 2006-winter 2006:
Level Design Intern at Zylom. As a level-design intern I created the levels for several of Zylom’s games, most of which were very well received. I got the opportunity to work with game-designers that had 7 years of experience and learned a lot about working in a casual game company

Games I’ve worked on:

  • Delicious: Emily’s Taste of Fame
  • Delicious: Emily’s Holiday Season
  • Delicious: Emily’s Childhood Memories
  • Heart’s Medicine – Season One
  • Kindred Souls
  • Charlie & Booboo
  • Pastry Passion
  • Gold Rush: Treasure Hunt
  • Text Express 2
  • Safari Island
  • The Legend of El Dorado

Related Activities

Lecture: Children & Games
A lecture for parents about games and their children (4-16). This lecture focuses on the good and the bad. What are some basis rules for a parent to go by to avoid a negative unhealthy gaming experience? What are the positives of gaming? What does the research say about violence in games? Which games are really fun and for which age-group? A very informative and interactive evening for the concerned parent. I’ve given this lecture several times over the course of 2 years.
Related Activities

Lecture: How we make games
A lecture about the process of making games: What it’s like to be a game designer in a professional company, your money-making options & guidelines that can instantly improve your game concepts. 

Concept Design, Story-Telling, Writing, Brainstorming, Research of Target audience, Marketing, Casual Games, Teamwork, Leading & Guiding of a Team, Company Presentations, Staying Up-To-Date with the Game-Industry, Public Speaking and a General Positive Attitude.

Software Skills:                 
Flash, Photoshop, Excel, Word, Html, Game Maker, Basic Knowledge of Programming (C++, Basic), 3D Studio Max, Visio, Ableton, Vst-Plugins, TortoiseSVN, Jira.

Watching Movies, Playing Guitar, Singing and Playing Games.



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