The Legend of El Dorado

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Join an adventurous search for legendary gold, and discover hours of puzzle fun, in this original challenge. An old yellow map points the way to a fabled city of gold deep in the South American rainforest. But in order to get in, you’ll have to use your best puzzling skills. Remove matching sun discs from the board to collect golden plates and open the doors to a legend of fun. In this stirring adventure featuring more than 200 levels, helpful bonus items, and a vivid setting, the lost gold is only the beginning.

My Contribution:
The Legend of El Dorado was my first project at Zylom.
I created all 200+ levels for the game. Originally the game was only supposed to have 120 levels, but the game-designer at the time was so impressed with the quality of the levels that he decided it would be a waste to throw them away and added another 120 levels to the game.

On top of that I was involved with the design of bonuses, level-elements and power-ups.

Level Design:
5 stars 

Game Design:
1 star

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