Heart’s Medicine – Season One

Heart's Medicine - Season One
The creators of Delicious bring you a new and captivating time managament experience with Heart’s Medicine – Season One Deluxe! Allison is a resident at the Little Creek clinic, where she learns about medicine and the ups and downs of life. Join her for the most uplifting game you’ll play this year!

My Contribution:
In ”Heart’s Medicine” I tried to create the same amount of suspense, drama, comedy and romance you would find in a hit TV-Series, while still staying true to the click-management game genre. I also wanted to create a emotional connection between the player, the characters, treatments and the patients. To achieve this I created an entirely new take on click-management gameplay by zooming into treatments and really have the player perform them. We also introduced gestures, which give you the feeling of controlling the main character.  Finally I used the best elements from games like delicious to give our players a familiar, but new gameplay experience.  Something else worth mentioning is the intro, which intentionally isn’t the traditional and overly dramatic, because I wanted players to know: “This isn’t just ANY click-management, this is truly something special” 

I designed the entire game, supervised the team, was actively involved in the marketing and set up, supervised & edited the story & dialogue.

Game Design:
5 stars
4 stars
5 stars
4 stars
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4.5/5 star
“GameHouse Eindhoven (formerly Zylom) simply knows how to create wonderful and entertaining time management games. This is proven again by Heart’s Medicine – Season One, the newest game by the developers of the beloved Emily’s series. A charming and unique storyline, top-notch production values, and an overall fantastic gaming experience make this game a must-have for every time management game fan…

…All in all GameHouse Eindhoven is on a very good way to redefine the time management genre. Both the last titles of the Emily-series and Heart’s Medicine prove that connecting time management elements, puzzles, hidden objects, and a great storyline closely results in a very satisfying and original gaming experience. As of now it already is one of the best options you can find in the time management genre.”


25 votes, 4.8/5 stars
“Heart’s Medicine: Season One is a bit like a playable medical drama. The characters are unique and interesting, making you want to learn more about them as opposed to clicking through dialogue as fast as you can. And that’s just the warm caramel filling you find when you bite into the rich and varied gameplay that includes some puzzle solving and hidden object elements…

…Plenty to do, plenty to experience, and an expertly-crafted gameplay/presentation package you’ll fall in love with, Heart’s Medicine: Season One is an excellent start to what will be a must-play time management series.”


84 user-reviews, 4/5 star average.
“This one seems to be a little bit of TM, a little bit of strategy, a little bit of simulation game even. It’s very evident all the time and effort that was put into this game. One of the best EVER. Would not be at all surprised to see this one win an award for most innovative game of the year.”








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