Getting Ready for the Mckee Story Adventure

This slightly grouchy looking manĀ I just posted on my blog is Robert Mckee and he’s Hollywoods most famous screenwriting guru AND on the 14th of april I will have the chance to follow 4 full days of his seminar in London.

Robert Mckee
Robert Mckee has literally tought everyone who is anyone in hollywood. In big letters his website reads:
“Robert Mckee’s Students have won: 32 academy awards (106 nominations).”

It’s an impressive number, it’s also great marketing. Next week I will be finding it out for myself. For those interested, I’ve included the lesson plan:

Day 1:

  • The writer and the art of story
  • The decline of story in contemporary film, television, theatre and literature
  • Story design: the meaning of story
  • The substance of story
  • The limitations and inspirations of story structure & genre
  • The debate between character vs story design
  • Premise Idea, Counter Idea, Controlling Idea
  • Story Structure: beat, scene, sequence, act, story
  • Mapping the Story universe: Archplot, Miniplot, Antiplot
  • Shaping the source of story energy and creation

Day 2:

  • Putting the elements of story together
  • The principles of character dimension and design
  • The composition of scenes
  • Titles
  • Irony; Melodrama
  • False endings
  • The text: description, dialogue, and poetics
  • The spectrum of story genres

Day 3

  • Act design: the great sweep and body of story
  • The first major story event (the inciting incident)
  • Scene design in Story: turning points, emotional dynamics,
  • setup/payoff, the nature of choice
  • Ordering and linking scenes
  • Exposition: dramatizing your characters, the story setting,
  • creating back story
  • The principles of antagonism
  • Crisis, climax and resolution

Day 4:

  • Story adaptations
  • Scene analysis: text and sub-text; design through dialogue
  • versus design through action
  • The writer’s method: working from the inside out; the creative
  • process from inspiration to final draft.
  • How it all works: the principles of the previous 3-1/2 days
  • applied in a 6-hour, scene-by-scene screening and analysis of
  • Casablanca

I can’t wait ;p



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