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Although this might fall in the bragging category, I took the time to assemble a few reviews, user-reviews & editorials of the games I designed.



Delicious: Emily’s Taste of Fame:
4.5/5 stars
“Delicious – Emily’s Taste of Fame is a truly wonderful game for anyone. One of the best time management titles released yet.” 

Delicious: Emily’s Holiday Season:
4/5 star
“What really makes this title stand out is the rich and compelling storytelling, which includes a range of characters the likes of which you will rarely find in any other casual game. The game is simply heaven for anyone who has a thing for time management games, and we definitely cannot wait for the next part of this fun series.”


Delicious: Emily’s Holiday Season
“It’s a difficult experience to convey, but if a time management game can make me speechless, you know there’s something special there. The gameplay and setting are so rich you can’t help but be drawn in, and the variety in both storytelling and locations keep you in for the long haul. Delicious Emily’s Holiday Season is one of the few time management games you owe it to yourself to play.”

Delicious: Emily’s Holiday Season
“I much prefer this game to the usual Diner Dash fare with wooden dialog and unbelieveable characters. This game has cute graphics, is challenging (it has three difficulty levels, but even on regular it throws you curveballs from level to level), quiet replayable (to unlock all the special fireworks!), and has a lot of heart and soul.

Awem Studio:

Delicious: Emily’s Holiday Season:
“It’s hard to imagine a click-and-point game stuffed with a love story and romantic atmosphere, but Delicious – Emily’s Holiday Season proves to be a surprisingly well-balanced time management game flavored with an exciting story throughout the game.”

If you’re looking for a fun passtime with a sweet story of romance and a holiday spirit I can strongly recommend Delicious: Emily’s Holiday Season.”

Casual Explosion:

Delicious: Emily’s Holiday Season:
8.5 Ultra Recommended
“The attention to story detail in the last few titles, Emily’s Holiday Season included, is extremely polished. I’ve yet to see more consistent and better-presented time management games then the last few Delicious releases. Good show, Gamehouse!”




Delicious: Emily’s Taste of Fame:

43 user-reviews, 5/5 star average.
“Everything about this game was amazing. I loved the storyline, the introduction of new characters, the fun challenges mixed throughout each day (even hidden object fun), and the creativity that went into making the game. Gamehouse created a wonderful game….I’m looking forward to the next adventure!!” 

Delicious: Emily’s Holiday Season:
36 user-reviews, 5/5 star average.
“Just when you thought Emily couldn’t get any better she does. The Emily games are my ALL TIME FAVORITE time management games. Everyone of them always have something new and creative. Emily kicks Flo’s butt !! I love the storyline and I’m so glad to see Emily falling in love !! The graphics are simply AWESOME !! I wish a new Emily game would come out every week !! This game is so fun it is worth the download !! I love it !!!”


Delicious: Emily’s Holiday Season:
10 Reviews, 5/5 star average
“I absolutely love this game. My favorite out of the series, I love the romance aspect of it too. I wish I knew what happens, I never did find out because my trial ran out. Perhaps you’ll make it free to play one day.”




Story Analasis: Delicious – Emily’s Holiday Season:
“Ever since Miss Management, I’ve been hoping for another time management game with a decent narrative arc, memorable characters, and a connection between gameplay and story. Delicious: Emily’s Holiday Season is the best I’ve yet seen in that line.”


“Emily’s Holiday Season: Who did you choose ?”-Thread:
“If you watch the ending credits it lists the percentages of who has been picked.  I picked Francois because he is a friend who respects her and it won’t change Emily’s life.  She’ll be able to maintain her independence.  I see Paul as lacking in self esteem and maturity.  I picture Emily having to provide explanations over and over for her actions because he gets upset easily.  Richard on the other hand has a strong ego.  Remember who his father is?  I picture Richard becoming a full blown self serving machiavellian who will end up treating Emily like a maid servant.  That’s my diagnosis!”



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