Children & Games Lecture

A lecture for parents about games and their children (4-16). This lecture focuses on the good and the bad. What are some basis rules for a parent to go by to avoid a negative unhealthy gaming experience? What are the positives of gaming? What does the research say about violence in games? Which games are really fun for which age-group? A very informative and interactive evening for the concerned parent.

My Contribution:
I find it really important with the rise in gaming to give parents the information they so eagerly need. With the media on one side and the gaming world on the other, it’s very hard for a parent to know what information to believe. With this presentation I try to give parents a chance to talk with me, but also with each other about the gaming habits of their children. 

Overwhelmingly positive. The need for this type of information is huge and as long as the information is presented honestly with the possibilities for questions & friendly discussion, almost every parent walks away with the knowledge to help their kids achieve a healthy game experience.

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