Delicious: Emily’s Holiday Season

Delicious Emily's Holiday Season
Join Emily and her friends and family for an all-new heartwarming adventure in Delicious – Emily’s Holiday Season Deluxe! In this new installment of the Delicious hit series, Emily celebrates Christmas in the little town of Snuggford, where she discovers two guys are competing for her attention. Who should she choose? Download the new Delicious hit game now and find out!

My Contribution:
With “Delicious: Emily’s Holiday Season” I tried to build upon the best elements of “Delicious: Emily’s Taste of Fame”: Integrated Story & Character Depth. Until now we had never met Emily’s family, which seemed to fit perfectly into the holiday theme. So I tried to get the most out of those characters: a pushy mom, a party-girl sister & a sweet, but over-trampled dad. On top of that I wanted a romantic plot in which the player would have to choose who they would end up with. And I left no stone unturned with regards to the holiday theme. This game’s goal: To be an instant holiday classic, which it most definitely turned out to be.    

I designed the entire game, supervised the team, was actively involved in the marketing and wrote the story & dialogue*. 

Game Design:
5 stars
5 stars
5 stars
4 stars
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4/5 star
“What really makes this title stand out is the rich and compelling storytelling, which includes a range of characters the likes of which you will rarely find in any other casual game. The game is simply heaven for anyone who has a thing for time management games, and we definitely cannot wait for the next part of this fun series.”

“It’s a difficult experience to convey, but if a time management game can make me speechless, you know there’s something special there. The gameplay and setting are so rich you can’t help but be drawn in, and the variety in both storytelling and locations keep you in for the long haul. Delicious Emily’s Holiday Season is one of the few time management games you owe it to yourself to play.”


36 user-reviews, 5/5 star average.
“Just when you thought Emily couldn’t get any better she does. The Emily games are my ALL TIME FAVORITE time management games. Everyone of them always have something new and creative. Emily kicks Flo’s butt !! I love the storyline and I’m so glad to see Emily falling in love !! The graphics are simply AWESOME !! I wish a new Emily game would come out every week !! This game is so fun it is worth the download !! I love it !!!”

Gamasutra Story Analasis:
“Ever since Miss Management, I’ve been hoping for another time management game with a decent narrative arc, memorable characters, and a connection between gameplay and story. Delicious: Emily’s Holiday Season is the best I’ve yet seen in that line.”



*A writer was involved with the last two restaurants of the game, but since I had a very specific idea in mind, I had to re-write most of his work.




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