Kindred Souls

Kindred Souls
“Kindred Souls” is a hidden object adventure game about true love conquering all, even death itself, a real star-crossed lover story.

The game will play out over several life times of two soul mates trying to find each other. In every new time period, there are new challenges and obstacles standing in-between the two lovers. We start the game at the end of one of those life-times as both lovers meet their unfortunate end…

My Contribution:
“Kindred Souls” is a game concept I created to reach a new level of emotional connectivity in casual games. I wanted real drama, but also romance and I wanted it in a larger than life story, to see the characters grow old and to know why they do the things they do; to see a story go full circle and make our players cry.  

I wrote the concept and story for “Kindred Souls”

5 stars
5 stars
5 stars
Conceptual Intro:
To prove the concept and to show the general feeling of the game, I created a textual intro on music in flash, which our art-director filled with rough images.

Watch it here
Important!: Be sure to turn on your speakers!

The setting of “Kindred Souls” is reality with a dreamy twist, which every now and then will fall into darkness and despair. This could be compared to films like “What dreams may come”, “The Fountain” or “Lovely Bones”.

The game plays through-out three* time periods:  

  • The Costume Period (1700): A period of big feasts, palaces and costumes, but also poorhouses, beggars and thieves
  • The Second World War: A great setting for a romantic tragedy. Bombarded cities, Trenches, Nazi-bases
  • The Near-Future: A highly recognizable world with small upgrades

On top of that there is a dream-world, a setting which can be anything as long as its imaginary.

Concept Images:















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