Charlie & Booboo

Charlie and Booboo
Charlie & Booboo is an third person hidden object adventure about a little girl named Charlie and a bear cub she names Booboo, who find comfort in each other when an unfortunate series of events places them together alone in a large scary forest. The two go on a beautiful, but dangerous journey to find their parents.

Along the way Charlie & Booboo meet several other animals who will assist them on their adventure. The game will feature puzzles which can be solved by finding and using items, using the skills of the girl and the bear, befriending animals and using their specialties.

This heartwarming tale of friendship takes you on a rollercoaster ride of emotions and will hopefully stay with you forever. 

My Contribution:
“Charlie and Booboo” is a game concept based on the idea of a mother’s instinct. There are two helpless characters and you get to help them to safety. I’ve written the concept and story of this game, although the story of a girl lost at a carnaval (written by our art director) inspired me.

5 stars

5 stars

5 stars

Future of the project:
It’s a terrible shame, but this project was canceled. The reason: It was too childish…
For people that are interested: I’ve added some additional info about the game.

Charlie and her father go on a camping trip in the forest. A big brown bear takes out her cub for the first time. The bear mistakes the father, who is holding a tent pole, for a hunter with a gun and runs towards him to protect her cub. The father sees the bear and tries to fight it off to protect his daughter. During the fight they both get too close to the edge of a cliff. Both father and bear fall of the cliff into a river.

The girl runs to the edge to look for her father as the bear-cub runs in to look for it’s mother, they knock each other over and also fall into the stream. Both the girl and bear-cub wash up on the sand of a riverbed. Both looking for a parent, both alone and both scared.

Charlie & Booboo is set in a North American forest. Scenes will consist of quiet and tranquil forest landscapes, waterfalls, caves and valleys. A grown-up art-style, like “Watership Down”, would work best for this type of story and deliver the right amount of emotional connectivity. Sun coming through the trees and a soft sound of water and birds, will make you feel relaxed and immersed in the world.

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