Pastry Passion

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Whip up a passion for puzzles with Pastry Passion! Help Henri, a high-spirited baker with a penchant for pastries, arrange delicious ingredients into groups of three or more to make colourful confections. Boost your bakery with helpful tools and rise to the rank of Master Pastry Chef in level after level of mouth-watering matching fun! Featuring two original game modes and rich full-screen graphics, Pastry Passion is a delightful indulgence for your mind.

My Contribution:
“Pastry Passion” was the first game where I relied heavily on Excel to check the balancing of the game. The balancing of Pastry Passion would have literally be impossible without the use of Excel.

I made all 60 normal levels and also the arcade levels. On top of that I balanced all the game meters and systems. I was also involved in designing the tools & bonusses.  

5 stars
Game Design:
1 star
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