My CV/Resume

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Software Skills

Software Skills

To give an impression of the tools I’ve worked with in the past and the skill-level I possess with each of them I decided to add this section.

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“I am a Gamedesigner”

“I am a Gamedesigner”

 ”Hi, my name’s is Sebastiaan van Waardenberg and I am a Game Designer.”

 This may read like a very simple statement, but try to think about what it entails.
 There is a reason why I wrote: “I am a game designer” and not “I design games”.
 The difference being one of choice.

To design games is a choice. There are many people out there who design games, but to
be a gamedesigner is something entirely different.

To be a gamedesigner is to find “play” in all elements of life, to continously be searching for
new and exciting ways to experience fun and to think without any thought of boundries.

To be a gamedesigner isn’t a choice, it’s a way of living, a certain state of being.
It’s something that has to be a part of your essence. 

So I say to you again:

“Hi, my name’s Sebastiaan van Waardenberg and I am a Game Designer.”

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